The great City of Mages known as Re'Cas is considered part of Arghard and the capital of the Ess'yerian Alliance, but truthfully it is a separate world. It exists within a different Plane of Existence, albeit a small and artificially created one. This small world was made by the ancient group of mages known as the Draconian Brotherhood. Originally it was used to conduct magical experiments, but when the Brotherhood was forced to abandon Arghard they built a city there. While they are long gone, their legacy remains. Re'Cas is the most magnificent city ever built by mortals, full of buildings of wondrous architecture. Today, the Supreme Council governs the Ess'yerian Alliance from Re'Cas, sitting proudly in their Palace in the most beautiful city ever built.- Excerpt from the treatise entitled Arghard and the Multiverse, written by the orc mage Azrahl roughly two centuries before Twilightfall