Another group among the Spiritual Planes that stands out is the group of the so-called Hellish Planes, often referred to simply as Hell. Like the Elemental Planes, the Hellish Planes are populated by extremely powerful spiritual beings. These are called demons, and their rulers are called Demon Lords. Like the Elemental Princes, the Demon Lords are among the most powerful beings in the Multiverse, and many mortals worship them. These creatures are however extremely malevolant, demanding horrific sacrificial rituals from their followers and ultimately serving only their own interests, which either involves spreading chaos and destruction, or simply spreading their influence among the Planes. Unlike the Elemental Planes, the Hellish Planes do not act as a source of magic in the Multiverse. However, Hell is not without a magic of its own. Some demons possess special magical powers that are collectively known as demon magic. It is a form of magic that only demons can master, and can be used to do far more horrible things than what black magic is capable of doing. The creatures that inhabit the Hellish Planes are terrifying and awe inspiring at the same time. Some mages are tempted to travel to the Hellish Planes simply to be able to study these horrific yet fascinating creatures, despite the dangers involved. - Excerpt from the treatise entitled Arghard and the Multiverse, written by the orc mage Azrahl roughly two centuries before Twilightfall