The Multiverse is composed of two different kinds of worlds. One group comprises the worlds like Arghard, the so-called Material Planes, where everything is made of some kind of matter, be it solid, liquid, or gas. There are millions of such worlds in the Multiverse. However, a handful of worlds are fundamentally different. These are the Spiritual Planes, worlds which have no material component, yet extend infinitely on the spiritual level, thus connecting all the Material Planes that are otherwise materially isolated. Home to creatures that have no body, only souls. Among these planes the four Elemental Planes stand out as more than just Spiritual Worlds. The Elemental Planes of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water are the source of arcane magic in the Multiverse. The magical energy which surrounds us everywhere in Arghard and in all the other Material Planes comes from these four Spiritual Worlds. Beyond that these worlds are akin to other Spiritual Planes in that they are inhabited by powerful souls. The inhabitants of these planes are called elementals, and their rulers are called Elemental Princes. Powerful mages can summon elementals by conjuring manifestations for their souls. Such creatures can act as very powerful servants for any mage. In Arghard, the Elemental Princes are known by the common folk as the Lords Beyond. Common folk believe that these creatures are gods and that they created the Multiverse. The truth is, that while powerful, the Elemental Princes are not omnipotent, and the Multiverse is not their creation. Regardless, they are among the most powerful creatures in the Multiverse, therefore it is no wonder that in many places they are worshiped as gods. - Excerpt from the treatise entitled Arghard and the Multiverse, written by the orc mage Azrahl roughly two centuries before Twilightfall