Those of us who have seen how vast the Multiverse truly is will inevitably find living in Arghard less than satisfying. However, those of us that roam the Planes should always remember, that wherever we may go, whatever wonders we may find out there, Arghard is still our home. Home to all Arghardians, whether. they're orcs, trolls, elves, dwarves, humans, or dragon-kind. Home to magnificent sights such as the pine forests of Ordhiar, the great mountains of Uldath, the caverns of Arudden, the exotic forests of Endarryn, or the vicious desert of Envorryn. Home to the unique architecture of dragon-kind in Draconia, home to mystical ruins of ancient times, and home to long forgotten corners such as the continent of Mor'Peri. Truly, travelers can find many wonders within our own world that can in fact compete with the magnificence of the Planes.
- Excerpt from the treatise entitled Arghard and the Multiverse, written by the orc mage Azrahl roughly two centuries before Twilightfall