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Good evening, and welcome to, the Official Website of the Rider of the Black Horse dark fantasy book series and related works. Please click on the relevant button above to access the subsite of your interest. If you wish to discuss the book series, you can do so at the official Facebook page.

If you're here for info on the book series, you can simply use the sidebar. This page will be keeping track of the status of the series, feel free to subscribe to updates using the link below. At this time all five volumes of the pentalogy are available on both as printed books and as downloadable pdf files, while the Kindle edition is in the process of being published in the Kindle store. For a preview of what to expect, you can download the novelette collection Preludes to a Nightmare for free. Also, you can navigate the website for information about the setting, the worlds, and the characters. Enjoy your stay!

To download the free pdf file of Preludes to a Nightmare, use this link. To download the free mobi file for Kindle use this link.

Rider of the Black Horse on Kindle

posted Aug 6, 2012, 5:04 AM by Viktor Zólyomi

Rider of the Black Horse part I: Emptiness is available for your Kindle reader directly from the Kindle store. The rest of the pentalogy will become available in the coming weeks.

Preludes to a Nightmare is also available for download as a free mobi file for Kindle from this link. Unfortunately, due to the Kindle store not supporting freeware e-books from independent authors, this file is not available in the Kindle store itself, only on this website.

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