On this page you can find what I like to call the playlists of Rider of the Black Horse. Many of the scenes in the book were inspired by music and I tend to listen to music when I'm working on the books. So it's only natural to compile a specific playlist of songs for each volume of the series. It's similar to a soundtrack in some sense. If you're a fan of metal, especially power metal, chances are you know many of the songs below. If you haven't read the book yet, then I would advise against reading the playlists below since some songs can act as minor spoilers for the story. For the time being, only the playlist of Emptiness is available, but I will update the page with the rest of them as well in time.

Playlist for Rider of the Black Horse vol 1, Emptiness:

1. Prologue (The assassin): Sonata Arctica -- In Black And White (Unia album, track 1)
2. Chapter 2 (Nightmare): Kamelot -- March Of Mephisto (The Black Halo album, track 1)
3. Chapter 5 (The black magician): Kamelot -- Moonlight (The Black Halo album, track 8)
4. Chapter 7 (Revelation): Heavenly -- Break The Silence (Sign Of The Winner album, track 1)
5. Chapter 9 (The Enforcers): Heavenly -- Virus (Virus album, track 2)
6. Chapter 13 (Fear): Symphorce -- Face Of Pain (Twice Second album, track 7)
7. Chapter 14 (The Amulet of Darkness): Sonata Arctica -- My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare (Unia album, track 8)
8. Chapter 16 (When dreams fall apart): Brainstorm -- Heavenly (Liquid Monster album, track 6)
9. Chapter 17 (Face to face): Queensryche -- The Chase (Operation Mindcrime II album, track 10)
10. Chapter 18 (Inside the monster): Brainstorm -- Inside The Monster (Liquid Monster album, track 2)
11. Chapter 19 (Emptiness): Sentenced -- Aika Multaa Muistot (Everything Is Nothing) (The Cold White Light album, track 5)
12. Chapter 20 (The curtain falls): Alter Bridge -- Broken Wings (One Day Remains album, track 6)
13. Epilogue (Beyond destiny): Brainstorm -- Beyond My Destiny (Ambiguity album, track 3)