Death to the bastard! Destroy him, rip him apart! No... better... Bring him here, alive, so that I can do it! - Supreme Councilor Lyour, 2 years, 3 months, and 3 days before Twilightfall

Supreme Councilor Lyour, the troll member of the Supreme Council is known to be one of the strongest trolls that ever lived. He became Councilor due to his prowess in battle. Quick to lose his temper, Lyour would gladly resort to violence whenever necessary, and would gladly fight any battle. His intellect had never been his strong side however, thus he would often underestimate his foes.

In the years leading up to Twilightfall, he does not suspect that in the near future he will face a threat that will challenge his resolve and wits, and that resolve alone may not be enough to overcome the trials that await him.