No, John. I always disapproved of many things you've done since you became Councilor, but I've no grudge against you. Indeed, my exile as you call it, was self imposed. Kh'Tal is my home now, I am no exile there. - Kurt Aurach, 2 years, 3 months, and 4 days before Twilightfall

Kurt Aurach is the most controversial hero in Ess'yer's history. A thousand years ago the Dragon Hordes rained fire and destruction upon the continent of Ess'yer, threatening to destroy everything the Ess'yerians hold dear. The people of Ess'yer fought back, but they never stood a chance against the overwhelming odds. Even when the races of Ess'yer united their forces and formed the Ess'yerian Alliance, the Dragon Hordes seemed destined to defeat them. Had it not been for Kurt Aurach, the dragons would have sealed their fate. It was Kurt Aurach's powerful magic that tipped the scale in favor of the Ess'yerian Alliance. Despite his clear role in the victory however, people feared him, for he was a black magician, a master of the so-called Dark Arts, a destroyer of souls, a lord of darkness. People owed him their lives, yet they were divided, wondering how they should think of him. For many years he was an openly celebrated hero despite his dark powers. In time however, he left Arghard and settled down in the dark world of Kh'Tal instead. He was close friends with Councilor Jenathar, but their friendship was strained over the centuries, and he is no longer considered a great hero publicly.

In the remaining few years leading up to Twilightfall he still resides in his home in Kh'Tal. Few would even suspect that he is about to play a key role in what is to come for the world of Arghard, like he did once before.