Resign? Bullshit! For a bunch of worthless travelers and a few guards? All because someone or something wreaked havoc on the town? It's no fault of ours that they were weak, now is it? - Supreme Councilor Khargun, 2 years, 3 months, and 3 days before Twilightfall

Supreme Councilor Khargun, the orc member of the Supreme Council, is a skilled warrior with some knowledge of magic who earned the undisputed respect of his people as a warrior. However, as a leader, his people never respected him. While many orcs dislike the humans of Delamar even a thoursand years after the Great War, none ever took their hatred as far as Khargun, whose prejudice knows no bounds. Blinded by his hatred of humans he cares about nothing but making the life of Councilor Jenathar and his people as miserible as he can, while neglecting his duties as the leader of his own people.

In the years leading up to Twilightfall, he is as consumed with his hatred of humans as ever, and has no idea that soon he will face a threat that could very well destroy him if he fails to look past his prejudices and understand the true threat.