Fortunately, the Great War changed everything. Without the countless human mages who pretty much voluntarily took part in the war, we never would have survived, let alone won the war. To make matters even more intriguing, a black magician was instrumental in our victory. All this made the people realize that they needed mages to survive, should the dragons ever return. The nations of Ess'yer united and a single Council was formed to lead it all. Gatestown was built, Mage Guilds were founded, and slowly the people began to accept us. Although they do still fear us. Even those people down in the streets, as they walk so calmly towards whatever chore they must complete. They are used to our presence, but that doesn't mean they don't fear us. It is such a shame. - Magister Kelnys, 4 years, 7 months, and 11 days before Twilightfall

Magister Kelnys was named Magister of the Mage Guild of Ashkel after the demise of the previous Magister nearly three centuries ago. A clever man and a highly skilled mage, Kelnys had been long looking to one day become Supreme Councilor. While he had been a great supporter of education and an author of several books on magic, he had lead the Guild with the same shortsighted mindset as all of his predecessors, which ultimately lead to an unpleasant incident just four years and seven months before Twilightfall. An incident which would have far reaching consequences for the entire world of Arghard.