You have heard the story of how I learned the art from Kurt, how I was his only friend when the whole world sought his death, and how I broke free from the limits of his tutelage. I saw the great turmoil that the world fell into after the Great War. I wanted to change that, and I had to learn that there is only one thing that can do so. Power. - Supreme Councilor Jenathar, 2 years, 3 months, and 4 days before Twilightfall

Supreme Councilor Jenathar is man whose name will live forever in the history of Ess'yer. He became the human member of the Supreme Council and thereby the law in the lands of Delamar a mere century after the Great War. A controversial leader, Jenathar did much to spread knowledge, but his strict laws and paranoid rules made him less than popular. He learned the Arcane Arts from Kurt Aurach before the old black magician left Arghard for good. He learned magic well, but he did not learn much patience. He means to make his world a better place, and in his mind the goals justify the means. However, while his people have suffered under his reign, Delamar would have fared much worse without a strong leader like him.

In the last few years leading up to Twilightfall, after nine centuries as Supreme Councilor, he already knows that his time is running out. He knows, for he has been rapidly losing his power as his body has been getting weaker each passing day. Yet, he has not named a successor to his position. Even at the brink of death Jenathar will not give in, rather, he will struggle any way he can. Those around him that noticed his weakening can only be certain of one thing: whatever he will do in the remaining years of his life, he will do what he thinks is best for the people of Arghard, and he will do so by any means he deems necessary.