So, I hunted them. I sought challenge after challenge, beast after beast, prey after prey. I've enjoyed hunting them. Sometimes they wounded me greatly, brought me to the brink of death, but I still enjoyed the hunt. I finally found a meaning in my life again. And now, I am content with my new life. I've accepted what I am, and grown to like it. If my people would see me now, they'd call me a monster. Indeed, that's what I've become. But it can't be undone, and then why is it bad that I've come to like what I am? They may judge me, but I care not. Not any more. I am no longer one of them, no matter how much I'd have liked to be. And I have accepted it by now. A monster I may be, but I rather be a monster with a meaning in life, than live a life with no meaning whatsoever. - Flora E'Lyn, 1 year, 3 months, and 20 days before Twilightfall

Flora E'Lyn is considered one of the most skilled elven hunters in the history of Endarryn. Ages ago the elves of Endarryn founded the Order of the Black Panthers, an elite guild of hunters specialized in fighting dangerous, magcial creatures. Their primary purpose has been to defend Endarryn from the vicious beasts of the desert of Envorryn which regurlarly invade the elves' forests. Flora came to be one of their most respected hunters. Four years before Twilightfall she suffered a great loss when her brother was killed by mercenaries from Delamar.

Her life has always been difficult, but in the last couple of years leading up to Twilightfall it is about to get much worse. Two years and three months before Twilightfall, Flora is bound to face some of the demons of her past, without ever suspecting that her life will take a strange turn in the near future, changing the very foundations of her existence.