I cannot let him lead us down the path he chose. His entire plan is foolhardy. It will not work. He is far too proud to see our own limits. We are the superior species of Arghard, yes, but we are not infallible and we are not invincible. He thinks this undead army is enough to conquer Ess'yer but he is wrong. It takes much more than this. Far more. - Eric Shyrn, 1 year, 1 month, and 7 days before Twilightfall

The night elf Eric Shyrn's name is one synonymous with authority and viciousness. As the Commander of the Supreme Guard, the private enforcers of the Supreme Council, merely referred to by the commoners as the Enforcers, Eric holds full authority over every citizen of Ess'yer other than the Supreme Councilors. Also being the second in command of Sewareld Worriil makes Eric a very powerful and dangerous person. Though his magic cannot compete with that of his superior, only a fool would ever underestimate him, as his skills in unarmed combat make him a dangerous foe. Eric's dark secret that only he and Sewareld Worriil ever knew about makes him even more dangerous. His ambition has always rivaled that of Sewareld, though he has been a touch more reserved, being one of the few night elves to respect the wood elves and look upon them as his own people.

In the few years leading up to Twilightfall, he is essentially the voice of reason for Sewareld Worriil as Sewareld's ambition slowly leads them down a dangerous path. He has no clue that in the near future his role as Sewareld's right hand man will put him in a precarious position, and he will likely play a key role in coming events that will change the world of Arghard forever.