The Rider of the Black Horse is a legend of nightmares. The Rider is essentially a symbol of death. Legends speak of the Rider slowly walking through villages and every last living soul dropping dead as the Rider merely passed by them. Legends speak of the Rider being the last sight of dying men. Legends speak of the Rider taking warriors into the Afterlife after they fell in battle. There are countless such legends surrounding the Rider. The one thing they all have in common is that he brings death to wherever he goes. For one who was born in Arghard to have a name which means one with the Rider is bad omen, so they say. I was never keen to superstition, but this troubled me. It filled me with a sense of dread, a terror that my life will be filled with death. I always hoped that time would prove me wrong. But I had no idea... - Jason Vogan, 17 years, 4 months, and 8 days before Twilightfall

Volume One of the Rider of the Black Horse
pentalogy, Emptiness follows the story of a young wizard apprentice called Jason Vogan. Plagued by a dark heritage Jason struggles with his inner demons - literally - while a mysterious assassin is tasked with murdering the Supreme Councilors of Ess'yer. The assassination would bring about an age of war for the lands of Ess'yer, yet, a much darker future looms on the horizon, as with Jason Vogan's return to his homeland master and apprentice will meet one more time and their meeting will begin a chain of events that will change the world forever. We are a mere two years and three months away from Twilightfall...

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